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The Sixth Annual Model United Nations (MUN) Conference at Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) in Bekasi. ‘Elevating Social Wellness Through the Participation of Global Youths’

The cut and thrust of high-level global diplomatic negotiations, the intrigue and betrayal of promised votes and silky smooth words as delegates form and break alliances, high level talks between countries diplomatic tussle and intense negotiations. One could be forgiven for thinking that they were in the middle of a G20 conference or an ASEAN meeting of world leaders. But no, this was the school hall of Sekolah Victory Plus, Kemang Pratama Bekasi and the one hundred and twenty students from nine different schools were part of our annual Model United Nations (MUN) Conference or General Assembly.

Model United Nations traces back it’s first clubs to around 1920 with a group roleplaying the League of Nations back then, and the first Inter school competition was held in the 1960’s. MUN is a simulation or role-play of United Nations and how our world leaders negotiate agreements during events and summits.


The students work in small teams and each team must represent a different country, they must then research that countries position on certain issues, such as monetary policy, climate change, arms sales or laws and regulations and each decision then must be based on that role-played position. They will then develop a position and a resolution, eg: “All countries will contribute a minimum of 30% of GDP towards poverty reduction”, they will then need to read the other groups resolutions and decide if those resolutions match theirs or are acceptable to their countries’ interests and then the interesting part of the event occurs.

Negotiations. Each team needs to negotiate with other teams, to adjust and temper their own resolutions to make them more acceptable to others, without compromising this own in the first place. They also need to form alliances, make promise as they go through several rounds of voting.

In the end, MUN does not have a winner and a loser in the way a football game or spelling bee competition may have, the students measure success in the number of resolutions that they successfully write and have passed by the voting system.

Even if their own particular resolutions do not get passed, they may feel successful if they successfully negotiated with a number of other teams and together they all passed a number of worthwhile resolutions.