SVP ran its annual charity concert entitled the ‘Green Concert’ on Saturday, February 25, 2017. This two hour event had been prepared months before by all parties involved, including students as performers, teachers as committee, and school management. The Green Concert itself was a part of the 2017 Art Festival which ran from February 19 to 23, 2017.

The Green Concert presented varied performances such as choir, orchestra, dance, and an auction of visual arts creations. During the preparation, there were many things happening, such as the adjustment of the program and managing practice schedules. However, we all could overcome it and gave a superb concert on the D day.

The concert was opened by the MC and a speech from Pak Liam Hammer as Head of School. More than 500 audience members were there to watch the concert that was opened by choir performing For the Beauty of the Earth conducted by Ka Sita. It was a beautiful reminder that we have been blessed with nature and all its creatures. Then a character, Mother Nature, performed by Joanne (Grade 12) came onto the stage to narrate the whole story and opened Act 1 of the show. She told us that we were the ones who damaged nature, and we were expected to restore it to health. The choir continued the performance by singing Yamko Rambe Yamko to represent the message of war.

The concert was continued by the orchestra, conducted by Pak Chrys, performing Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, with Tasya (Grade 12) as vocalist. It was a truly beautiful rendition. The choir then re-entered to sing Without Love in order to emphasize to audience that nature would continue being harmed if we were careless with it. That was the end of Act 1.

Act 2 followed with a moving, epic performance by all choir members, orchestra, and dancers of I Am the Earth. This song was the highlight of the show because it encouraged the audience to preserve earth for future generations. After this colossal performance, the orchestra played the next song, St. Paul Suite which involved some violinists and a contrabassist. That was the end of Act 2. In between Act 2 and Act 3, Bu Neni, as Art Festival coordinator, conducted an auction which involved some students form Visual Art class. She led the auction with enthusiasm and finally sold all presented paintings in the range of Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 4,000,000. What a great auction! As the last act of the show, Act 3 was presented in a different format. It was opened by a Mother Nature performance to tell the audience the importance of preserving nature, and was continued by percussion performing Saputangan Babuju Ampat. It was a superb performance. The next performers were the orchestra with the trio of Adele (Grade 11), Sisca (Grade 12), and Andrea (Grade 8) performing Simfoni Yang Indah. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics, it reminded the audience that we still have a chance to make earth a better place. As the final performance, Jose (grade 11) sang Paradise accompanied by the orchestra and choir. He was charismatic and involved the audience by inviting them to sing together. A truly memorable closing!

Though tickets for this concert were free, audience members were encouraged to donate, join the auction, or buy merchandise to support the charity program. Money raised from this event will be donated to Pemerintah Kota Bekasi in order to support their environmental program. Hopefully this action and everyone’s participation will have a positive impact. We need to acknowledge that we belong to the earth, so we should give back to the earth. Yes, from earth to earth! See you at the next  charity concert!