The school production is our biennial tradition. Alice in Wonderland is the 5th School Production that our ECE have performed. We had “Barney-Shine like Stars with Good Manners” in 2013, “Bawang Merah Bawang Putih” in 2013, “Pinocchio” in 2015, “The Journey of the Champion” in 2017 and now, last but not least “Alice in Wonderland”.

“It is said that wisdom begins in wonder.
This is a a story about a curious little girl who takes a risk, dives into the unknown and embarks the journey of a lifetime in Wonderland,
where she makes friends and faces her foes”

This year, ECE students presented Alice in Wonderland written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It reflects the values that we believe in Sekolah Victory Plus. Alice shows the characteristics of the inquirer, as a little girl who takes a risk to satisfy her curiosity about the world around her, in Wonderland.

Coming from the hands of four directors, coaches, teachers, characters, musicians, singers and  dancers, the production was a huge success. It was delightful to see how the students  enjoyed the process and took on all of the challenges positively.

This production involved all ECE students from Toddler up to Early Years 2. We had been practicing for almost a year to make this production happen. We had a wonderful preparation time with excited students, who took on the challenges passionately in order to give their best for their performance.  It was not an easy job to showcase all of these little performers in one show. However, with great support from all of the SVP community members, we are so proud that finally we could stage this wonderful production. 

Thank you to all of the SVP ECE community who have contributed their thoughts, energy and time to this event. Thank you to our great teachers and staff, as well as the parents of our students who did an awesome job in making this event happen. Our collaboration made the “Alice in Wonderland” Production a great success.