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Enrolling your child

Sekolah Victory Plus accepts applications for our Toddler Class (2 years old) to grade 12

  • Children must be the appropriate age for each level.
  • Please note that all the required documents must be sent to the admissions office prior to any testing/observation.
  • The application form can be obtained (by email or in person) from the Admission Office and must be fully completed. Alternatively you can create the application form online – click here to access it.
  • A deposit is required prior to taking the entrance test/observation by respective the Principals. If the child is accepted, the deposit fee will be applied as part of the submission fee and if the child is not accepted the deposit fee will be returned.
  • Before applying, parents should read and understand all the policies and requirements which are stated on the form, and be willing to abide by them.
  • The student applicant will be tested, interviewed and observed. The written test can be done at anytime. However, the interview and observation with the principals is by appointment only. Following the evaluation of the tests and the interview, the applicant’s family will be notified by the Admission Office by phone, SMS or e-mail regarding the status of the application, that is accepted, waiting listed, requires a re-test or not accepted.

Our admission staff are always ready to make you feel welcome.

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

We have open enrollment which means your child can join our school at any time.. Your child may register to the respective level when he/she reaches the corresponding eligible age by 31st October in the respective year.

Level by 31st October of the current school academic year, the child should have turned :
The Toddler class 2 years old
Nursery 3 years old
Early Years 1 4 years old
Early Years 2 5 years old



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