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Strategic Plan

 At Sekolah Victory Plus we believe all members of the school community have a voice in the creation of the school’s strategic direction. As a school community we are about to embark on a journey to put together a comprehensive strategic plan to support our school to become the leading IB continuum school in Asia.

In our goals for this five-year strategic plan, we will strive to consider our programmes with a view to our history and our future. How do we build on 20 years of accomplishments in international education? What are the structures, schedules and processes we need to support student learning? In which areas do we need to evolve our programs? What new ways of working should we consider? How should we think about learning spaces throughout our school? And the most important question remains — How do we best prepare our students for the world outside of SVP ?





The first IB World School in Kota Bekasi 

The 9th Continuum IB World School in Indonesia




Jl . Citra Niaga Raya  AO 1-14

Kemang Pratama - Kota Bekasi - MAPS

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