Courageous me

courageous me

Courageous is one of the characters we need to have to succeed in life. It is not an innate character. We need to cultivate it. As it is also one of the Learner Profiles and a part of CHAMPION qualities (Courageous), we take Courage as the theme of our biennial event, School Production, this year. This school production was held on the 28th and 29th April 2017 and it was titled “Courageous Me”. The script, that was written by Ibu Yani, included an adaptation of Brave story and her own version of Tangled story.

“Courageous Me” tells the story of how Andreya, Tharros Kingdom’s next reign, goes on a journey to learn about courage in these three aspects of life; courage to love, courage to be honest andcourage to dream and achieve it. In her journey, she met Alvar, Merida and Rapunzel who taught her how to be courageous.


This production involved all Primary School students and teachers who worked hand in hand to make this event successful. During the process and the performance, we could see that students’ CHAMPION characters and Learner Profiles were applied. They enthusiastically and confidently show the results of their trainings during the show days. It was amazing. In this opportunity, let me express my gratitude as the Director of this production to all teachers, leaders, parents, and service staff being involved in this event. My special gratitude goes to our beloved talented students for their amazing efforts.



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