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Does Your Child's School Implement A Perceptual Motor Program?

In finding a school for children, each parent might have different criteria to be considered. It also usually depends on the stage of their children’s age. For parents with children aged 0-5 years old, schools implementing a perceptual motor program are strong candidates to be chosen.

The reason why the perceptual motor program is important in a school is because it provides the opportunity for children to have the discovery of themselves and the exploration of the environment. These two main foundations are the form of strong stimulation to help and boost children’s development. At this golden age phase, right stimulation given through a perceptual motor program allows children to get through this crucial stage well.

At Sekolah Victory Plus, Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) is implemented as one of the essential cores in our Early Childhood Education. Perceptual motor program implemented at our school addresses the development of the most basic movement patterns required for the next level of development. Children will have their preparation time and will be able to master preparatory skills before starting school later.

This programme aimed at improving perception and gross and fine motor skills. It connects a child’s perceptual or sensory skills (the brain) to their motor skills (the body) so they can perform a variety of movements and confidently interact with their environment. It allows children to learn about themselves and their world through sequentially structured exploration.

Children are exposed to an exploration of seeing, hearing, touching, making perceptual judgements and also reacting. These experiences are achieved by using a variety of fun activities such as running across the playground, jump skipping rope, throwing a ball, or climbing a tree. And that is precisely the point of our fun learning at SVP.

It is obviously not just about children’s fitness, a perceptual motor program also enhances their cognitive functioning such as working memory and language learning. Children also improve their social and emotional skills while they are being interested, co-operative, and persistent in their tasks.

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