SVP Parents Support Group

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is a vibrant, parent-driven organization that supports the school in a variety of ways and gives parents the opportunity to get together in a friendly and social atmosphere.

The PSG holds monthly meetings, which include participation by teacher and student representatives, organizes coffee mornings, coordinates parent activities, and much more.
Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s academic development as well as in the life of the school. The PSG is committed to enhancing the school community and is dedicated to supporting the educational program, extracurricular and sporting activities, and the welfare of all students.

We conduct various Parents as Learners (PALs) events for our Parent Support Group and its members, such as:

  • SVP Insight – a session where all parents will meet all leaders from ECE-Secondary together with our Alumnus.
  • Assessments – a session where all parents are informed about our assessments practices.
  • Plus many other topics
    We believe a more informed parent community are better equipped to support the school and collaborate with various activities.
    We also host a number of other activities to support the parents within our school to be more involved.
  • Monthly Assembly.  The students invited their parents to their class to join the morning activity called Circle Time. Circle time is linked to their current Unit of Inquiry and involves dancing, reciting rhymes, playing games, singing, etc.
  • Learning Celebration and Family Gathering. At the end of a Unit of Inquiry, parents will be invited to celebrate their child’s learning by visiting their classroom to view their summative assessment task, enjoying a performance by their child or taking part in interactive activities..
  • Classroom volunteers.  There are some activities that we offer to the parents to volunteer themselves to offer: Storytelling. Guest speakers as resources to support our Unit of Inquiry.