Middle School

Grade 7-10

The Essential Bridge
to A Bigger World

The Middle Years Programme provides a nurturing environment that empowers students to face the challenges of a bigger world with confidence, adaptability, and a sense of purpose.

How Our Programme Goes

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) of Sekolah Victory Plus is for students from Grade 7 to Grade 10. Our Middle Years Programme aims to develop attitudes, understanding, skills and knowledge so that our students can relate subject content to the real world.

All-Inclusive Curriculum

IB MYP is a program designed to inspire intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. It provides a rich and diverse learning environment where students delve into and excel in various subjects, such as Language and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Arts, and Physical Education. This comprehensive and diversified education prepares them for a future where adaptability and lifelong learning are key.

in Service Learning and Personal Project

Service learning allows students to grow as an active global citizen by improving their empathy, communication and collaboration skills, so that they develop a deep understanding of themselves and their role in society. While the personal project is more about self directed learning that involves in-depth research which the results are presented creatively by the students. These two vital components contribute to students’ holistic development, nurturing their character, values, and sense of responsibility.

Continuous Growth
with Assessment

As an integral part of the learning process, assessment is designed to provide meaningful feedback and support student growth and development. The MYP assessment framework aims to assess students’ understanding, knowledge, skills, and attitudes across all subject areas while promoting a balanced and holistic evaluation of their progress.

Middle School

(Grade 7 - 10)

Middle School

(Grade 7 - 10)

Middle School

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