Pandemic does not stop students from being creative and productive. Venny and Valerie, SVP’s secondary students joined and won a business competition. The Future competition held by Prasetya Mulya University on the 13th of April 2020 was a competition to seek innovative ideas towards business challenges.

Venny and Valerie were interested in joining the competition as they wanted to gain new knowledge about business so they can implement it in the future.

Their interest in business started when they were introduced to business at Sekolah Victory Plus. Venny and Valerie said that they were greatly helped by the research skills they learned at Sekolah Victory Plus. Research skills that they learned from all of the subjects also helped them in finding many business terms that they didn’t know.
They also read the Diploma Programme Business Book in writing their business proposal for the competition. This book helped them a lot as it comes with many examples.
Venny and Valerie proved that even though they had to stay at home, they can still demonstrate their best performance. They are true examples of self-motivated learners – they SVP Champions.

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