The Arts

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As an IB World school committed to providing a strong balanced programme, Arts forms a key platform for student learning opportunities.
Every child at SVP is involved in the Arts programme, covering the domains of visual arts, music and drama.
In a world where creativity, collaboration and problem-solving are key skills all leaders require, the Arts programme ensures that these fundamental skills are explored, developed and showcased in a variety of areas.

All students Grades 1 to 6 are provided with either a violin or cello, with each student involved in the instrumental string programme.

Music works in parallel with the junior visual arts programme, with both subjects enabling students to explore and express their artistic talents.

From Grades 7 to 10, students continue with their exploration of music, in conjunction with visual arts.

There are also opportunities to learn a cross section of instruments as well participate in our choir.

From Grade 11 onwards, students may select one Arts domain namely the visual art and music which best suits their interests and strengths.

Multiple Arts ECAs are provided throughout the year, across the grade levels.

We also provide lunch time and after school opportunities for our students to explore their artistic passions.

The School Production

All three divisions of the school, every two years, host a production. Being involved in a school production supports students’ to develop:

  • Thinking skills: Understanding the character, right tones and showing the right movement
  • Social skills: Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating with others, adopting a variety of group roles
  • Communication skills: Reading, listening and speaking skills
    Self-management skills: Managing their time in memorising dialogues, music chores and choreography
  • Research skills : Finding the right expressions for the characters

Snippets from our productions

Click on the links to see examples of some of our performances.

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