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At Sekolah Victory Plus, we take great pride in being the first educational institution in Kota Bekasi to embrace the esteemed International Baccalaureate curriculum. Our school provides a dynamic and enriching educational environment, fostering a sense of multiculturalism and care among our students and community.

With an unwavering commitment to enhance access to quality education, we have evolved to a thriving educational institution, offering a comprehensive and holistic learning experience spanning from Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programme.

The 21st century learning approaches at SVP offer an outstanding framework for students to foster their overall development,  encourage them to embrace challenges and cultivate a genuine love of learning.

Our community of learners fosters an inclusive environment that promotes global and local learning, collaboration, and connectivity. This encompasses a diverse range of participants, including students, teachers, parents, and members of the local community.

Vision and Mission


We are a caring and responsible community of lifelong learners, global citizens and entrepreneurs.


As partners in education, all stakeholders (parents, staff, and SVP community members) agree to educate the students to achieve their maximum academic potential, character development and entrepreneurial skills, by:

  • Involving parents as partners in creating a meaningful learning environment
  • Maintaining a conducive school & work environment
  • Role-modelling SVP values through the IB learner profile and Champion mindset

Meet Our Founders

Santoso Handoko & Yustina Ries Sunarti
Sekolah Victory Plus Founders

School is a part of our lifelong journey of learning, and when we undertake this journey, we strive to be better people for ourselves, our families and our country.

In any journey, it is essential to have a starting point and a destination, and our educational journey is no different. Similarly, we must prepare for, and expect, the unexpected. In every journey there will be challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. However, we believe that through the blessings of God and the support of all school community members, we can conquer these challenges.

Our first and highest priority is to support students in their learning journeys.

We are delighted that so many students have started their educational journeys at our school, and that they will continue to become better people within our community. Trust from our parents and a passion for learning by teachers and staff are two of the ingredients that will assist us in achieving the Sekolah Victory Plus’ mission and vision.

Hear From Our Management Advisor

At Sekolah Victory Plus, we provide a rich learning environment for nurturing young minds. Our curriculum, the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB), gives students instant credibility at any university anywhere in the world. The IB has authorized Sekolah Victory Plus for three of their programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). As a result, we are rigorously monitored by the International Baccalaureate to ensure we meet strict requirements to maintain our authorization. These programmes have been thoroughly researched, assessed, and proven successful in providing students with an outstanding foundation from which to launch their tertiary studies and live their dreams. 

The three IB programmes offered at Sekolah Victory Plus address the unique learning needs for each stage of a child’s intellectual and emotional development. Our students are exposed to a learning environment that challenges them to think critically and creatively, using and applying knowledge to engage meaningfully with local and global issues.

Steven E. Thompson
Management Advisor
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