Inquire about SVP


What is Sekolah Victory Plus ?

Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) is an independent co-educational, day school serving the community of Bekasi and surrounding areas by providing a comprehensive International education from Early Years to university preparation, from ages 3 to 18.

Our world-class learning community offers an exceptional educational experience and builds a connected, inclusive, inspiring environment for our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. It is a vibrant, multicultural and caring community that fosters a deep sense of community wellbeing.

How does SVP prepare students for the future ?

The famous philosopher Socrates expressed it :

” Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel ”

As a school we do not believe in filling children’s heads with copious amounts of information that is at the end of the week regurgitated. – this is not learning. We want our students to be able to acquire the skills that will make them successful in the 21st Century.

According to the Forbes Magazine the World Economic Forum indicated ten essential skills required for 2020 and beyond. These skills include: Coordinating with others, Emotional intelligence; Judgement and decision making, Service orientation, Negotiation, Cognitive flexibility, Complex problem solving, Critical thinking, Creativity and People management.

The teaching and learning at SVP is based on the development of specific skills that have been identified as essential skills for the 21st Century. These approaches to learning skills are paramount skills and aligned with the ideas of the World Economic Forum all students need to acquire. They are:

  • Communication skills including: Speaking, Listening, reading, writing viewing, presenting, non-verbal communication
  • Social skills including: Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating, resolving conflict, group decision making, adopting a variety of group roles
  • Self-management skills including: Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, organisation, time management, safety, healthy lifestyle, codes of behavior, informed choices
  • Research skills including: Formulating questions, observing, planning, collecting data, recording data, organizing data, interpreting data, presenting research findings
  • Thinking skills including: Acquisition of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, dialectical thought, meta cognition

What role does technology play within SVP.

Technology plays an important role in the life of a student at SVP as we equip our students with skills required in the information age. Stephen Hawkings is quoted as saying
“We are all now connected by the internet like neurons in a giant brain.”
As a school we are continuously evolving to ensure we can equip our students with the skills to excel in the information age. Our modern infrastructure allows students and teachers to access information anytime and anywhere on campus. Technology supports teachers to also accommodate for the individual differences of the students and in particular supports student collaboration. The integration of technology into the school curriculum encompasses the skills required to safely navigate the internet and safely access information to support their learning.

How does Sekolah Victory Plus differ from a regular national school?

Sekolah Victory Plus and a national school are worlds apart. Sekolah Victory Plus is an IB World School focused on providing an international education nurturing our students to be global citizens concerned with local, national and global issues.
Our school also nurtures specific values which are encompassed in both the learner profile attributes and the champion values. We want our students to demonstrate courageous, honest, active, mindful, positive, innovative, open minded and noble. We expect our students to help create a better world.

What is the philosophy of Sekolah Victory Plus?

Sekolah Victory Plus offers a challenging and caring, community-based educational environment in which students are active participants in the learning process. SVP fosters critical thinking and inquiry-based skills to ensure its students achieve their full potential as individuals and as members of the global community. In this setting, students, staff and parents co-operate in the educational process guided by the following principles:

  • The Sekolah Victory Plus Educates the Whole Child
  • Sekolah Victory Plus seeks to develop the intellectual, social and emotional, physical and aesthetic potential of each child along with moral sensitivity.
  • SVP children will learn how to analyze, synthesize and evaluate new situations, knowledge and rapidly changing technology with ease, confidence and creativity.
  • SVP’s educational program provides its students with a fundamental respect for the beliefs and values of other peoples, and will take full advantage of the culture of Indonesia

What are the core values of Sekolah Victory Plus ?

  • Respect– being considerate of yourself and others through the way you speak and act
  • Responsibility– keeping commitments and being accountable for your actions
  • Caring – demonstrating a caring attitude towards one another, we demonstrate how we are caring through our words and actions. We feel safe when others care about us.

What is meant by the SVP Champion ?

A SVP Champion is a Champion for Ourselves, a Champion for Our Family and a Champion for Our Country and beyond


SVP – Champion Education focuses on preparing skill-sets for the workforce and builds Mindsets to handle the 5 Cs in life : To lead and Adapt to Changes, To take on Challenges Courageously and Creatively and to seize the Chances.


Discuss the roles played by the teacher, student and parents in order to achieve the goals and objectives of Sekolah Victory Plus?
Generally, when parents participate in their children’s education, both at home and at school, and experience relationships with teachers characterized by mutuality, warmth, and respect, students achieve more, demonstrate increased achievement motivation, and exhibit higher levels of emotional, social, and behavioral adjustment.

Students who enjoy a close and supportive relationship with a teacher are more engaged in that they work harder in the classroom, persevere in the face of difficulties, accept teacher direction and criticism, cope better with stress, and attend more to the teacher.
At Sekolah Victory Plus we actively encourage this partnership between home and school. This three way relationship is at the core of who we are as a school. We have a very strong parent support body Parent Support Group (PSG), that organize events to support the school in its mission. For example, each year the PSG organize a career expo to help secondary students with their career choices.
This three way relationship is at the core of our reporting process. Students, teachers and parents meet regularly during the year to discuss the progress of each student, highlight areas of strength and areas requiring further development. At the end of each of these meetings the parent and teachers support the students to articulate clear, measurable and attainable goals.
At Sekolah Victory Plus the teacher, and the parent are a team focused on helping the student to identify and achieve their dreams.

How does your school support innovation and creativity ?

As a school community we recognize the importance of inspiring inquiry and innovation. Each member of our school community is engaged as an active learner. Therefore at SVP learning is not a journey to a destination, it is a mindset.
We encourage unlimited personal development in our students and seek to equip our students with values, strategies and skills to navigate a constantly evolving landscape of information, resources and ideas.

We encourage students to use creativity and imagination in their learning and as a school we participate actively in understanding and contributing to the development of innovative and influential educational practices.

Imagination is the ability to bring to mind events and ideas that are not present to our senses. Creativity , the process of developing original ideas that have value, and Innovation, which is the process of putting original ideas into practice.

Therefore as a school we:

  • Promote experimentation and inquiry and a willingness to make mistakes
  • Encourage generative thought, free from immediate criticism,
  • Encourage the expression of personal ideas and feelings
  • Convey an understanding of phases in creative work and the need for time
  • Develop an awareness of roles on intuition and aesthetic processes
  • Encourage students to play with ideas and conjecture about possibilities, and
  • Facilitate critical evaluation of ideas.

Everyday we are actively encouraging our students to explore their imagination and come up with creative ideas to share with their peers and teachers. Our ideas board provides for an opportunity for students to share their ideas about anything but also as a tool to improve their learning experience.

Every year we host a whole school Innovation Week culminating in a spectacular Innovation Fair where students showcase their ideas.

What is the relationship between teachers and students ?

At the heart of education is the relationship between teachers and students. If students are not learning, education is not happening. Creativity depends on interactions between feeling and thinking, and across different disciplinary boundaries and fields of ideas. Our teachers are skilled in developing a non threatening safe learning environment based on compassion and good character. For our students, SVP is their second home.