Discover More Than 50 Choices Of Your Dream Universities At Sekolah Victory Plus Overseas University Fair 2021

Wednesday, 10th November 2021 – Continuing education in college or university is a global phenomenon especially for high school students who are approaching their graduation. There is no doubt that tertiary education can lead to many benefits. For many students, studying abroad is a life-changing experience that introduces them to new cultures and promotes tolerance and understanding. Having access to other people from all types of background and developing relationships with them on their own turf allows one to think more creatively and flexibly, both of which are essential skills in today’s competitive workplace.

Choosing a university will highly affect the students’ future. Graduating from a reputable university will increase the chances of getting that dream job. Universities help students immerse themselves in the latest research and technology innovatively. Strong proficiencies in communication is also another qualification that companies look for. And this is what overseas universities offer with their rich environment. Students learn to build a culturally diverse network. Another obvious advantage of universities is recognised professional qualifications that lead to a better financial future.

In wake of those benefits, university entrance is getting more and more competitive. The increasing intensity of the competition on university admission goes along with many various choices of universities. Choosing a university may be one of the hardest decisions for students graduating high school, as it will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional life.

Sometimes what makes it more difficult to find the right one is the accessibility of all information about the university. Many aspects need to be considered to choose a university such as the subject availability, education program, scholarship, accreditation, tuition, activities outside the class, and of course the entrance assessment. With all these factors in mind, Sekolah Victory Plus accommodates all students out, both external and internal communities, to find as much information as they can about many participating overseas universities at the upcoming Sekolah Victory Plus Overseas University Fair 2021.

Lifelong Learning Begins Here

University Discovery Week is here! Welcome to the annual Sekolah Victory Plus Overseas University Fair 2021. SVP is proud to host 51 universities, taking place on 27 November, 2021 and starting from 8.30 AM until 12.00 PM. This event provides a great opportunity for students and parents to interact with official representatives, listen and ask about higher education academic programmes. Other than that, students and parents are also able to to learn more about funding opportunities on offer and understand the application process. 

Hear more from the representatives of close to 50 universities, which includes:

  • University of Queensland
  • IU University of Applied Science Germany
  • La Salle Singapore
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Amsterdam 

…and other respectable overseas universities! 

We can’t wait to welcome you virtually for a live discussion and fun Q&A session!

Register now through our website:

More details: (021) 8240 3878 or WhatsApp: 0821 1216 5373