ALumni SVP

As our students graduate from SVP, they become part of the SVP Champions Association (SVPCA) – a vibrant, global alumni network.

The SVPCA runs a comprehensive program of popular events to help old champions stay in touch with each other throughout the year, including reunions, celebrations, events, interest groups and more. Other SVPCA activities provide opportunities for past students to be involved in the current school life – like concerts, exhibitions, tours and mentoring students.

“. . . IB students who attended 
that university (Virginia Tech) as freshmen significantly 
outperformed all other freshmen, including students 
who had taken Advanced Placement courses.”
Dr. Eugene Carson

We host a range of events each year from class reunions to celebration dinners. Our events are a great way to stay in touch with each other and with SVP. Our events calendar is available from the school.

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If you have recently moved house, changed email address, changed jobs or career, or have news you would like to share with the SVP community, such as a recent engagement, marriage or new addition to the family, we would love to hear from you. By updating your details, we are able to keep you informed of upcoming alumni events and initiatives.

We also invite old Champions to connect with us via LinkedIn or Facebook.