The Champion

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SVP Core Values

This institution stands on the bases of Two Core Values 2R + Champion, i.e. Respecting human existence and being Responsible to fellow human beings. This spirit underlies the founding of this institute and the spirit of Champion is spread to all SVP communities (Champion for myself, Champion for my family, and Champion for my country and beyond)


(A Champion for Ourselves, A Champion for Our Family and A Champion for Our Country and Beyond)

Qualities of a SVP CHAMPION :

SVP – Champion Education focuses on preparing skill-sets for the workforce and builds Mindsets to handle the 5 Cs in life : To lead and Adapt to Changes, To take on Challenges Courageously and Creatively and to seize the Chances.

(Berkarya untuk dunia yang lebih baik)

  • Courageous / Pemberani
    Never giving up when faced with difficult circumstances even when you fear the outcome – supporting others when they are being bullied or are faced with a problem.
  • Honest/ Jujur
    Always being truthful and open in dealings with others
  • Active / Aktif
    Taking action, being involved and participating in the life of school, family and community
  • Mindful / Mawas-diri
    Being mindful means paying close attention to or being especially conscious of something. Watching our words and deeds. Mindful is the opposite of being distracted or careless.
  • Positive / Positif
    Having confidence in yourself and your opinions
  • Innovative / Inovatif
    Being creative in finding a solution to challenges
  • Open-Minded / Berpandangan terbuka
    Having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. unprejudiced; impartial.
  • Noble / Mulia
    Committed to doing what is right, fair, principled and respectful