SVP Logo

logo Sekolah Victory Plus

Our school has as its Logo: the eagle, the rainbow, a book, three colours; red, yellow and blue; and the words VICTORY PLUS.

Overall our logo represents the commitment to excellence in both academic and character development for our students

The Eagle represents Responsibility, Vision and Leadership.

  • A person who is responsible keeps their promises, remains accountable and trustworthy, builds a reputation and does more than what is expected or asked.
  • A person who has Vision looks to possibilities, sets goals and takes action.
  • A person who is a Leader exemplifies trustworthiness and confidence, is an effective communicator and values good relationships

The Rainbow represents a promise of a great future, of hope and of desire

The Colour Red represents courage to do the right action and energy to follow through.

The Colour Yellow represents the joy of learning and optimism about the future

The Colour Blue represents harmony and living a full life.

The Book represents great learning that results in being of service to the community.

The words ‘Victory Plus’ represents the opportunity given to our students to be educated for their future in Indonesia, as well as having the opportunity to develop as lifelong learners with international mindedness.