Why Sekolah Victory Plus

Sekolah Internasional Jakarta

Sekolah Victory Plus

One of the Best Schools in Indonesia & Asia

Sekolah Victory Plus School (SVP) is one of the best schools in Indonesia & Asia, the proof comes from the vast list of graduates from leading universities around the world including in the USA, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and well-known National Universities in Indonesia. SVP is an IB World continuum school 9th school is Indonesia to be authorized for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP)

 Our Mission is Educating for a Better World.

Since 1998 SVP has worked hard to provide a high quality but affordable international education in Kemang Pratama, Bekasi. We are a nationally based school with an SPK license, meaning that we provide an education that uses best  international practices and curricula while maintaining our local sense of pride and belonging. We use a mixture of the best from Indonesian and expatriate teachers.

Our students come from middle class Indonesian and expatriate families, and they will go on to become leaders of business, engineering, education, politics. Many of them will study overseas but eventually nearly all will return to their home country. We aim to teach our students the value of integrity, the value of responsibility, leadership and humility so that when they return, our world can become stronger under their great leadership and guidance. When we say we are educating for a better world, we know that we are teaching the next generation of leaders for the world stage and as ambassadors for Indonesia and beyond.

How are we different from other schools?

IB World school

We are an IB World School. All IB World School share a common pedagogy meaning we provide an inquiry focused conceptual based curriculum. It is student centred and has a strong emphasis on the whole student,  values, balance and service.

Maximazing  Students’ Potential

We know all our students have many talents in a variety of areas. We aim to expose all students to as many varying activities as is possible so that each can discover their potential and maximise their skills in order to create well rounded individuals.

 Champion Values

We use the mnemonic, CHAMPION to remember our IB learner profile attributes that we focus on. CHAMPION stands for Courage, Honest, Active, Mindful, Positive, Innovative, Open Minded  and Nobel.

  • Courageous – never giving up when faced with difficult circumstances even when you fear the outcome
  • Honest – always being truthful and open in dealings with others 
  • Active– taking action, being involved and participating in the life of school, family and community 
  • Mindful -being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and how you’re feeling both physically and mentally
  • Positive– having confidence in yourself and your opinions
  • Innovative– being creative in finding a solution to challenges
  • Open minded– willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to your own
  • Noble– committed to doing what is right, fair and respectful 

Champion for myself, my family and my country and beyond

 “SUCCESS of our Students is our SUCCESS”

At SVP all students will Discover the Joy of Learning, students will discover, on a daily basis, the joy of learning new things. Our students will become lifelong and independent learners. Learning is both a joy and a wonder and we promise that our students will continue wanting to learn and wanting to achieve and celebrate that new learning.

Our students will become inquirers and will gain many opportunities to hone their 21st Century Skills to enable them to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world. We know from the latest educational research that learning is best done through inquiry and that skills and process are just as important as knowledge and facts. We equip our students to be able to take responsibility for their own learning, to ask why and to hone their skills so that can use that new knowledge and understanding as holistic learners.

Our students will become profoundly Knowledgeable on a variety of topics and subjects, but that they will also be able to use this and question and us this knowledge in a meaningful way. They will be Balanced Global Learners. Our students will meet the growing needs of tomorrow’s world with a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, the skills to communicate in multiple languages in a collaborative manner. Our students will be balanced, and globally focussed.

The first IB School in Kota Bekasi